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we fight.
No longer are
we in the plight.

CDC guidelines
We translated Taiwan Centers for Disease Control guidelines on COVID-19 in clinical situations and more. All contents are proofread by professors from National Taiwan University. We aim to share Taiwan’s governmental disease response guidelines with medical professionals and policy makers from all around the world.
Press FAQs
We collected frequently asked questions from the press on Taiwan’s experience of fighting COVID-19. All answers are provided by officials from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. Come look for related answers if you have any questions regarding the prevention of COVID-19 in Taiwan.
Spotlight Topics
Apart from translations, we also composed topics regarding epidemic prevention from aspects of public health, medicine, legislation, big data, sociology, and more. We hope to provide a comprehensive view of the response of Taiwanese society to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fight Covid Taiwan
Together we fight.
No longer are we in the plight.

We believe that open, transparent, and correct information exchange dispels fear and rumors at this dire time during COVID-19 pandemic. Fight COVID Taiwan is a comprehensive database aiming to contribute to the international combat against COVID-19 via sharing the experience of Taiwan. All of our contents are reviewed by National Taiwan University and Taiwanese government.
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Ask Taiwan Anything !

Do you have more questions about the COVID-19 prevention of Taiwan that are not yet covered on our website? We are initiating #AskTaiwanAnything campaign to answer them! Comment in the post of our Facebook page, and we will pick the questions with the most likes. Government officials or academics from the relevant field will provide you with answers in both a short clip and a more comprehensive text-based information.